Quality, prompt delivery, efficiency and friendliness are difficult adjectives to combine these days, especially in this sector of activity.

D’Autor manages to combine these valences, thanks to the professionalism with which it faces its activity, very leveraged in the excellent work of its manager and team that leads. My congratulations.

António Monteiro

Country Manager, Iberinform Portugal SA

I have been a customer for a relatively short time, however, due to the fact that I had an initial satisfactory experience, I returned later to carry out a new order. I can already advance the professionalism of the service and the possibilities available with regard to the customization of shirts.

Gonçalo Lopes

Área comercial , MAPFRE SEGUROS

I have had the pleasure of buying shirts at D’Autor and I can only express my satisfaction for the professionalism of the jacket, the quality of the shirts produced and the fabrics used, the variety of the offer and the extreme sympathy with which we are received.

Miguel Farinha

Partner, ERNST & YOUNG

My sincere congratulations to the new website. It is compatible with the level and quality of service provided. Successful votes!

Jorge Carvalho

Real Estate Asset Manager

Excellent shirt with excellent and varied fabrics.

José Mascarenhas Pedroso

D’Autor presents a product of excellence coupled with a very professional and friendly service.

João Dias Cardoso

Subdirector , Banco BIG

I am very pleased with my experience in the D’Autor shirts, especially with the sympathy and professionalism of its responsible. Very affable in the deal, very professional in its activity. I’ve been a customer since the first shirt.

João Rosa Lã

Retired Ambassador

D’Autor Provides a personalized tailoring service, featuring a wide variety of quality fabrics and diverse options in the tailoring and dressing styles. Also noteworthy is the strict compliance with delivery times and the friendliness and availability of the service.

João Rodrigues

International Sales Account , Victoria Seguros S.A.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the shirts and with the professionalism of the service. D’Autor has always complied with the stipulated delivery deadline, evidencing a strong commitment to customer relations and quality in execution.

Miguel Vargas

Founder, Pinto Ferreira Property

I started to buy shirts at D’Autor because, from the beginning, they have shown professionalism, friendliness, availability and quality in the shirts produced, as well as in the fabrics used.

Nuno Pedro

RENTELECOM Comunicações

By protocol established with Club Millennium BCP on 05-09-2018, we will disclose to our associates the protocol of collaboration with your company for the customized shirt service.

Nuno Ferrão


Personalization, quality and efficiency of service for those who are demanding.

I found this in D’Autor shirts and so I have been a customer for some years and I recommend it.

Ways of working that are rare and that we must preserve because they give us satisfaction!

José Santos Gabriel

Sócio-gerente da SGS, Lda.